Code Description Size
61015003Aluminium Flat6"
61015004Aluminium Flat8"
61015066Aluminium Flat10"
61015001Aluminium Flat12"
61015002Aluminium Flat14"
61015007Aluminium Half Round6"
61015008Aluminium Half Round8"
61015005Aluminium Half Round10"
61015006Aluminium Half Round12"
61015009Aluminium Round12"
61015010Augar Bit File8"
61015011Block File 22 X 35 X 5 30 Tpi10"
61015012Bumping File
61015017Convex File10"
61015018Dread Naught File12"
61015019Dread Naught File14"
61015020Dule File8"
61014108Extra Slim Taper Double Cut4"
61014109Extra Slim Taper Double Cut5"
61014110Extra Slim Taper Double Cut6"
61014111Extra Slim Taper Double Cut7"
61014112Extra Slim Taper Double Cut8"
61014104Extra Slim Taper Double Cut10"
61014105Extra Slim Taper Double Cut12"
61014106Extra Slim Taper Double Cut14"
61014107Extra Slim Taper Double Cut16"
61015024Flat Coarse Foundry File14"
61015028Half Round Pipe File14"
61015029Hammer File5-1/2"
61015030Hammer File6"
61015038Hand File Without Tang14"
61015039Hoe File8"
61015040Hoof Knife Sharpening File6"
61015041Hoof Knife Sharpening File8"
61015044Key File - Hand 2nd Cut4"
61015045Key File - Round 2nd Cut4"
61015046Key File - Square 2nd Cut4"
61015047Key File - Three Square 2nd Cut4"
61015053Knife File One Side Tang8"
61015054Long Lathe File10"
61015055Long Lathe File12"
61015056Long Lathe File14"
61015064Mill File Without Tang6"
61014205Mill Tooth Flexible File With Csk Hole8"
61014201Mill Tooth Flexible File With Csk Hole10"
61014202Mill Tooth Flexible File With Csk Hole12"
61014203Mill Tooth Flexible File With Csk Hole14"
61014204Mill Tooth Flexible File With Csk Hole20"
61015057Olive Heavy ( 16 X 1.5 Mm )4"
61015058Olive Leaf File4 "
61015059Pocket File10"
61015060Scrapper File3.25"x3/8"
61015061Scrapper File3.5"
61011201Special Knife File8"